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The Push-To-SetTM Continuous Vacuum Regulators (PTS-CVR’s)
exceed clinical expectations in medical suction procedures by offering
technology breakthroughs plus the quality and simplicity you are
accustomed to receiving from Ohio Medical. They feature the unique,
patented Push-To-SetTM which provides a reliable, means of setting
the regulator for proper suctioning. The PTS-CVR provides regulated,
continuous suction for tracheal and pharyngeal airway management,
surgical procedures, and continuous nasogastric drainage.
The Three Mode, Two Mode and Three Mode High Continuous models
provide adjustable vacuum from zero to full-line vacuum. Both the Three
Mode and Three Mode High units offer a MAX mode which provides
unrestricted full-line vacuum for emergencies. The PED model includes
a negative pressure limiting valve to limit maximum negative pressure
to 135 mmHg, the NEO model is limited to 100 mmHg and the C.A.S.S.
model is limited to 140 mmHg. Three specialized gauges are supplied.
Both the Three Mode and Two Mode units feature a large 0-200 mmHg
range gauge with color-coded low, medium, high and full-vacuum
ranges. Each gauge has glow-in-the-dark increments and needle. The
gauge for the PED/NEO/C.A.S.S. unit is color-coded to indicate its
special low range (0-160 mmHg). The High model is also color-coded
for high vacuum and reports the full range of available vacuum from 0
-760 mmHg.
The PTS-CVR has an ergonomic design that contains two exclusive
safety features that simplify processes, minimize clinical errors
and increases product performance. The patented Push-To-SetTM
mechanism automatically establishes a vacuum limit with each vacuum
level setting. A unique dual-spring regulator module ensures precision
in the critical care range (0-200mm Hg) while also providing faster
adjustment (2 turns) up to full wall vacuum for emergency resuscitation
For patient safety in case of accidental connection to a positive
pressure gas, these regulators are equipped with a positive pressure
relief valve.
• EXCLUSIVE! Patented Push-To-SetTM
Improves patient safety
Prevents unregulated suction
Simple, one handed operation
• Ultrasonic Manifold
Best design for hermetic seals
• EXCLUSIVE! Quick-To-Max
Faster adjustment (2 turns) to full wall vacuum for emergency
• Positive Pressure Safety Relief Valve
Vents positive pressure to protect patient and regulator if
accidentally connected to pressurized gas (O2
, air, etc.)
• Large, Easy to Read Gauge
Familiar, industry-standard analog design
Color coded ranges
Improved glow-in-the-dark gauge increments and needle
• Modular Common Components
Common components reduce service part inventory
Simplifies service procedures
Low cost replacement parts and kits
• Durable Design and Construction
Few mechanical parts
Rugged, shatter-resistant ABS case
Corrosion & lubrication-free
Service-free backplate
• Industry standard for over 45 years
• Ordering Options
Available in various configurations including adapters for
connecting to source vacuum and options for collection
devices and overflow safety protection.

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